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Written by Samantha Toy Ozeas

Brick Aux + New Women Space


Nannyville begins as a farce about Boston class + race divides, and ends as a quiet statement on escapism, female solidarity, and cycles of violence. It is about the sacrifices women will make to protect their safety, and the pursuit of hope in the face of destruction.

Jamison, the newest Nanny in the Olsen household, steps into the hurricane to meet eight spoiled children, a mother in dire need of therapy, and two women whose lives were never supposed to lead them to MidCity Boston nanny-hood. As the three nannies desperately try to hold the family together until Mr. Olsen returns home from a “business trip,” Jamison begins to realize how much the youngest members of the family are sacrificing to hold their mother together, and the lines between self-preservation and solidarity begin to blur.

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