Written by Gracie Gardner 

Carnegie Mellon School of Drama Directing Thesis


Determination out of spite, competition in female friendships + the need for love (platonic, romantic, the place between). 

ATHENA follows two 17-year-old fencers as they train for the Junior Olympics in New York City. 



Directed by Samantha Toy Ozeas

Assistant Director - Sarah Stowell 

Dramaturgy - Katy Zapanta 

Lighting - Pablo Antón

Scenic - Elena DelVecchio 

Sound - Peter Burns 

Costumes - Jillian Warner

SM - Virginia Tipps

ASM - Maureen Pace

Fight Choreography - Tonya Lynn

Project Manager - Apriah Williams + Samantha Williams

Job Lead - Owen Sahnow

Lighting Manager - Bridget Doherty 

Sound Engineer - Jake Wilson

Wardrobe Supervisor - Izzy Kitch