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Written by Samantha Toy Ozeas

SheNYC Festival at The Connelly Theatre


Senior team members Marion and Simon do all they can to keep their mock trial team on task for their upcoming tournament. After receiving an oddly violent practice case in the mail, Marion begins to have a strong dissociative reaction that becomes more and more difficult to mask. The team begins to fall apart at the seams, and it is revealed that this practice case is a part of a larger vengeance plot. 

One Day Down comments on the stigma and toll of speaking up against sexual violence, and the paranoia inflicted on survivors. ​

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Broadway World: One Day Down 

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Directed + Written by Samantha Toy Ozeas

Produced by Morgan Hogenmiller + Maraika Lumholdt 

SM - Virginia Tipps 

Dramaturgy - Annie Nguyen 

Scenic - Ningning Yang

Lighting - Eva Hu 

Costumes - Elinore Tolman

Sound Design - Padra Crisafulli

Composition - Will Ozeas

Presented as a part of SheNYC's 2022 Festival

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