Samantha Toy Ozeas

director + playwright

Carnegie Mellon School of Drama

John Wells Directing Program

Class of 2022


“I create character-centric work that shows both the dream and the nightmare. I use fantasy to ask questions about civic engagement. I make excuses to work with the people I love and admire. I am drawn to site-specific work that interacts with its environment, world-building, and leaving questions unanswered. I make work I can cry to.”





My work explores the connection of nature to humanity, solidarity, PTSD, internet anonymity, racial bias in academic institutions, alt-right hatred, and the intersections of race and sexual violence.

r/TheRedPill (2020)
Babel (2019)
earth's most customer-centric company (2019)
Major Minor (2017)
Dakota (2019)
Park Song (2021)